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June 21, 2016

  • Authorized the County Executive to enter into a Start-Up NY affiliation agreement with Suffolk County Community College for the purpose of including County owned land, located adjacent to the Ammerman Campus (Selden), in the College’s Start-Up NY Campus Plan for designation as a tax-free New York area. (County Executive). (IR 1579-16)
  • Adopted a local law to increase penalties for violation of social host laws. (Cilmi). (IR 1471-16)
  • Approved the 2016-2017 Suffolk County Community College Budget. (IR 1645-16)

June 1, 2016

  • Adopted a Local Law to regulate Pet Grooming businesses operating in Suffolk County (“Ginger’s Law”) (Calarco). (IR 1310-16)
  • Appropriated funds in connection with Riverside Traffic Circle (CP 5557). (County Executive). (IR 1447-16)
  • Directed County participation in regulatory proceedings. (Krupski). (IR 1465-16)
  • Adopted a Charter Law to implement one-year rolling debt policy under 5-25-5 Law to mitigate budgetary shortfall. (Co. Exec.) . (IR 1367-16)
  • Required notification of building permits issued by Suffolk County Community College (Martinez). (IR 1327-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law to further regulate synthetic cannabinoids and synthetic cocaine in Suffolk County. (Spencer). (IR 1370-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law to increase awareness of dry cleaning chemical use. (Hahn). (IR 1000-16)

May 10, 2016

  • Amended the 2016 operating budget and appropriating funds in connection with a payment of a salary deferral to Deputy Sheriffs. (IR 1480-16)
  • Amended Resolution No. 1019-2015, extending authorization for the Town of Southampton Stormwater Abatement Project in the Reeves Bay Watershed and authorizing Water Quality Review Committee approved changes (CP 8240.325). (County Executive). (IR 1365-16)
  • Amended the Adopted 2016 Operating Budget to transfer funds from Fund 477 Water Quality Protection, amending the 2016 Capital Budget and Program, and appropriating funds in connection with the H. F. Corwin and Son’s Agricultural Waste Storage Facility System (CP 8240.337). (Co. Exec.). (IR 1381-16)
  • Appropriated funds in connection with preparing a Sewering Feasibility Study for Downtown Central Islip (CP 8198). (Co. Exec.). (IR 1388-16)
  • Amended the 2016 Operating Budget and transferring funds to provide funding for LIGALY (Long Island Gay and Lesbian Youth). (Pres. Off.). (IR 1373-16)
  • Amended the Suffolk County Classification and Salary Plan in connection with new titles for use in the Department of Economic Development and Planning (Senior, Principal and Chief Community Development and Planning Specialist). (Co. Exec.). (IR 1392-16)
  • Named the Suffolk County handicapped accessible playground in West Sayville as the “Betty Whitehouse Playground”. (Lindsay). (IR 1324-16)
  • Reappointed member to the Suffolk County Landbank Cooperation Board of Directors. (Thomas Cilmi). (McCaffrey). (IR 1329-16)
  • Reappointed member to the Suffolk County Landbank Corporation Board of Directors (DuWayne Gregory). (Hahn). (IR 1403-16)

April 12, 2016

  • Adopted a charter law to ensure balanced representation on the Planning Commission.(Fleming). (IR 1225-16)
  • Accepted the updated Suffolk County Agricultural Stewardship Plan. (Krupski). (IR 1311-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law amending Chapter 563 of the Suffolk County Code to permit use of a government issued passport as acceptable personal identification. (Co. Exec.). (IR 1229-16)
  • Authorized the County Executive to execute an agreement with the Suffolk County Association of Municipal Employees Bargaining Units no. 2 and No. 6 amending the terms and conditions of employment for the period January 1, 2013 through December 31, 2016. (Co. Exec.). (IR 1288-16)
  • Clarifyied county policy waiving civil service examination fees for fire district and ambulance company volunteers. (Browning. (IR 1289-16)
  • Established a reporting requirement for the Sheriff’s Internal Affairs Bureau. (Calarco). (IR 1308-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law to ban the sale of formaldehyde for use in holding tanks. (Spencer). (IR 1020-16)

March 22, 2016

  • Established a reporting requirement for the Police Department’s Internal Affairs Bureau. (Calarco). (IR 1106-16)
  • Adopted a Charter Law requiring joint certification of County Operating Budget. (Presiding Officer). (IR 1100-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law to update and strengthen the hotel and motel tax statute. (Lindsay). (IR 1006-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law to expand public notification of sewage contamination in Suffolk County. (Krupski). (IR 1156-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law amending provisions relating to the administration and enforcement of the Uniform Fire Prevention and Building Code. (Presiding Officer Gregory). (IR 1158-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law to waive contract agency requirement in 2016. (Presiding Officer Gregory). (IR 1095-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law to establish a Child Fatality Review Team. (Hahn). (IR 1148-16)
  • Adopted a Local Law to amend Chapter 42 of the Suffolk County Code to authorize the indemnification and defense of hearing officers appointed by the County. (Co. Exec.). (IR 1149-16)
  • Appointed Eric A. Kopp as a member of Suffolk County Board of Ethics. (Co. Exec.). (IR 1205-16)

March 1, 2016

  • Establishing a committee to maximize use of County property in Yaphank. (Browning). (IR 1005-16)
  • Authorizing and directing an update to Agricultural Stewardship Program. (Krupski). (IR 1057-16)
  • Reappointing member to the Suffolk County Water Authority (Patrick Halpin). (Presiding Officer). (IR 1050-16)
  • A Local Law to enhance the County’s Tourism Promotion Program. (Lindsay). (IR 1025-16)

February 9, 2016

  • Confirmed appointment of Timothy D. Sini, County Commissioner of Suffolk County Department of Police. (Co. Exec.). (IR 1014-16)
  • Established the Suffolk County Child Care Commission. (Martinez). (IR 1023-16)
  • Honored an American here, Staff Sgt. Louis M. Bonacassa, by renaming a portion of County Road 21, Rocky Point-Yaphank Road, as well as the intersection of County Road 21 with New York State 25, Jericho Turnpike. (IR 1155-16)
  • Appointed member of the Suffolk County Planning Commission (Errol S. Kitt). Exec.). (IR 1008-16)
  • Appointed member of the Suffolk County Planning Commission (Nicholas Gould Morehead). (Co. Exec.). (IR 1013-16)
  • Authorized the County Executive to enter into and execute a “Municipal Agreement” relating to the Sustainable Energy Loan Program. (Krupski). (IR 1022-16)

January 4, 2016

  • Elected 7th District Legislator Rob Calarco as Deputy Presiding Officer. (Res. 1-16)
  • Reappointed Jason Richberg as Clerk of the Legislature. (Res. 3-16)
  • Appointed Amy Ellis as Chief Deputy Clerk of the Legislature. (Res. 4-16)
  • Reappointed George Nolan as the Legislature’s counsel. (Res. 5-16)
  • Reappointed Dr. Robert Lipp as Director of the Legislature’s Office of Budget Review. (Res. 6-16)
  • Set meeting dates for the coming year. (Res. 7-16)
  • Swore into office all 18 legislators, including the only new member, 2nd District Legislator Bridget Fleming.

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