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How to Speak Before the Legislature

How to Speak Before the Legislature

The public, after filling out a “speaker’s card,” has the opportunity to address the Legislature for three minutes on any topic during the “public portion” at the beginning of each Committee and General meeting. During official “public hearings” which have set times on the General Meeting agenda (2:30 p.m. for day meetings and 6:30 p.m. for night meetings), members of the public who fill out speaker’s cards may address the Legislature on specific resolutions on the agenda. Members of the public are allowed to speak for three minutes during public hearings.  Speaker’s Cards are available from the Legislative Clerk’s Office in the lobby before the meetings.  Arrive early, speaking order is first come, first heard.  Speakers will address the Legislature from the podium in front of the horseshoe.  Speakers will have the opportunity to submit their comments in writing to the Legislative Clerk, please bring 20 copies.

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