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Blood + Food Drive
Wednesday August 6
(North County Complex Bldg. 17,
Parking Lot)

Live Music!!

**Free hot dog or hamburger for every food OR blood donation**

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Join the Suffolk County Auxiliary Police

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Tuesday February 25th, 2014
Tuesday April 1st, 2014
Tuesday May 20th, 2014
Tuesday June 24th, 2014
Tuesday September 2nd, 2014
Tuesday October 28th, 2014
Time: 6:00 PM
Location: Rose Y. Caracappa Legislative Auditorium at the William H. Rogers Legislature Building (Bldg. No. 20), 725 Veterans Memorial Highway, Hauppauge, New York.

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Town of Smithtown - Natural Hazard Mitigation Update
August 6, 2014
How Have Our Rights and the
Government's Responsibility
Changed Since 9/11?
March 2014
Meet the Leaders
February 7, 2014
Historic Smithtown Bavarian Inn
November 27, 2013

Historic Smithtown:
Bavarian Inn Demolition
November 20, 2013

P.O. Glen Ciano Dedication
September 24, 2013

Community Meeting
Proposal to Redesign
County Road 16 - Smithtown Blvd.
in Nesconset
Special Meeting
Groundwater Update
9/11 Responders Memorial
Unveiled in Nesconset
Courtesy of the Hauppauge Patch
5 Things: Homes for Sale, Legis. Kennedy
Talks Changes Since 9/11
Courtesy of the Smithtown Patch
Flag Raising at Nesconset Gazebo
Ground Water Seminar

Dear Constituents and Visitors to the 12th District:

I welcome you to the 12th legislative website. I am delighted and honored to be able to offer the service of my office for my fifth full term as your Legislator. Working with my knowledgeable staff, my goal is to improve the lives of you, my constituents, by providing assistance with any issue you may have and guiding you through the services offered to residents by Suffolk County.

Legislator John M. Kennedy, Jr.

I pledge to continue my mission to ensure that government in the 12th Legislative District and across Suffolk County is more than a line on your tax bill and red tape in front of your ambitions. I have led efforts to ensure that government functions efficiently and responsively to meet your needs and aid you in achieving your goals. I am honored to serve as Chairman of the Republican Caucus and as a member of the Public Safety, Ways and Means, Budget and Finance, and Economic Development Committees.

Where the public sector stands in your way – accruing unnecessary expenses that only increase your taxes – I will seek to cut government back. Meanwhile, I aim to use our public assets to preserve valuable land and water resources. I will also make sure that our resources are devoted to such functions as crime prevention and street safety: services that contribute to a thriving county.

As your Legislator, please view me as your guide and advocate to the broad array of county functions and services at your disposal. Over 1,800 of your neighbors have received guidance and assistance from my office; I invite you to join their number. My door is always open to your concerns, opinions, needs and goals – so please feel free to come on in or call us at (631) 854-3735. You may also contact us online at

I pledge to ensure that government in the 12th District is not an obstacle in your path, but a vehicle to your success and happiness. I will not rest until this is not merely my vision, but your reality.


Your Friend and Advocate,

John M. Kennedy, Jr.




Audio from February 25, 2014 Meeting

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Safety Improvements at the Intersection of CR16, Smithtown Boulevard at Gilbert Avenue / Sheppard Lane
Conceptual Design - Alternative



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August 15, 2013: The campaign to reduce Smithtown-area groundwater flooding has witnessed a number of recent developments.

In IR 1453-2010, Suffolk County appropriated $500,000 from the 477 Fund (Quarter Cent Drinking Water Preservation fund) for Phase III of the intermunicipal project – involving the County, Town of Smithtown, and the Village of the Branch – aimed at restoring proper flow to the Northeast Branch of the Nissequogue River. Proper maintenance and silt reduction will enhance proper groundwater drainage from the region, ultimately providing relief from basement flooding and septic system compromise.

The contract for evaluating and undertaking the Northeast Branch project was let to H2M. To recap the project thus far: In 2010, a 1,200 linear foot reach of the stream located immediately north of NYS Route 347 (Phase I) was evaluated, along with 30 acres of high quality environmentally sensitive habitat adjacent to the stream. Utilizing hydraulic de-silting and de-snagging methods, improvements were made to improve the stream’s ability to convey excess groundwater and storm water away from the headwaters of the watershed.

In 2011, Phase II of the project addressed similar issues for a 2,900 linear foot reach located immediately south of NYS Route 347.

Phase III of the project is currently underway, involving the following:

The strategic dredging project is continuing downstream from where Phase I left off (1,200 feet north of NYS Route 347) all the way down to Millers Pond. The contract for replacement of the culverts at Branch Drive and Terrace Lane is being finalized.

Engineers report that there is approximately 18 inches of sediment throughout Miller’s Pond, which has built up over time due to the presence of an existing spillway. The sediment includes organic material, algae, contaminants and other elements that have a negative effect on the overall water quality. Removal of this layer of sediment is being considered.

H2M also reports that flow from the Hallock Acres area into the Northeast Branch is restricted by the limited pipe capacity from the streams east of Cresthill Place. Replacement of the existing piping to increase flow capacity is also under consideration.

Suffolk County Department of Public Works has submitted a letter of intent for $1.5 million in FEMA funding for silt removal, demolition and reconstruction of culverts in Village of the Branch, surface drainage, reconstruction and remediation. We are also actively pursuing New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Water Quality Improvement Projects Program funding.

Finally, we are in active discussion with New York State Department of Transportation Region 10 offices to include portions of the recommended improvements in the next phase of the Route 347 road improvement and renovation project. For any questions on this matter, please call (631) 854-3735.

August 31st, 2010: Flood Watch Update.
May 27th, 2010: Legislator Kennedy holds Groundwater Flooding Seminar for the entire community to voice their issues to their Federal, State, County and Town Representatives. Meeting is being held at BRANCHBROOK ELEMENTARY SCHOOL, 15 RIDGELY ROAD, Smithtown, N.Y – More info in news section.
April 6th, 2010: Legislator Kennedy forwarded a letter to the director of the United States Department of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano, requesting FEMA intervene and issue a storm declaration. This declaration would authorize recovery for all losses sustained from March 12th through the end of the month. Further, I requested that FEMA representatives be dispatched to this area to see first hand the effects of flooding within homes.
March 26th, 2010: Legislator Kennedy forwarded a letter to Suffolk County Commissioner of Energy and the Environment, Carrie Meeks-Gallagher asking for a total of four hundred thousand dollars to advance the Storm water System Discharge Remediation and Stream Water Silt Removal and Remediation at the Nissequogue Tributary Headwaters North from CR 76, Town Line Rd, to Miller’s Pond, Smithtown project (Capital Project 8710.114).
March 11th, 2010: upon Legislator Kennedy ‘s request , the Suffolk County Parks Department removed the drain boards which serve as flow volume control both at Miller’s Pond, as well as at Stump Pond in Blydenburgh Park.
March 4th, 2010: Legislator Kennedy convened representatives of Smithtown government, the Village of the Branch (VOB), County Government, and H2M, to discuss moving forward both with implementation of the Smithtown remediation work, as well as the requisite planning for both the VOB, as well as the Suffolk County Parks area adjacent to, and including the Miller’s Pond. A strategy of seeking additional Groundwater Protection funding for Phase 2 of the Smithtown work on the south side of Route 347, requesting assistance for VOB planning, funding, and securing necessary funding to address “the Branch” west of NYS Route 111 was agreed upon by all.

4th Precinct Dedication
SEPTEMBER 29, 2010

Sponsored Legislation

-- Authorizing illumination of the H. Lee Dennison Executive Office Building for Judy’s Run for Stroke Awareness. 03/20/2014 (IR 1051-14)

-- Amending the 2014 Operating Budget to provide funding for Loaves and Fishes of the United Methodist Church of Lake Ronkonkoma. 03/20/2014 (IR 1054-14)

-- Authorizing transfer of surplus County flat panel monitors to RSVP. 03/20/2014 (IR 1121-14)

-- To reauthorize the Lake Ronkonkoma Advisory Board. 02/11/2014 (IR 1140-14)


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Summer 2014
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Photo Gallery
Fire Rescue Picture
Legislator Kennedy honoring Michael Sialiano, Marty and Colleen Thompson for their bravery in aiding a citizen in a car fire and saving their life. July 19, 2014

Ronkonkoma Fire Department 110 Anniversary
Legislator Kennedy in Ronkonkoma to celebrate their Fire Department’s 110th Anniversary. FACEBOOK July 26, 2014

Nissequogue River Clean Up
Legislator Kennedy with staff as well as Boy Scouts from Troops 3, 111, and 343 getting ready to clean the Nissequogue River. July 19, 2014

Songs in the Attic
Legislator Kennedy with some residents enjoying the songs of Billy Joel. July 8, 2014

Veteran’s Memorial
Honoring the 64th Anniversary of the Korean War and those who gave their lives for it. Located at the Armed Forces Plaza in Hauppauge FACEBOOK June 20, 2014

Opening of Farmer’s Market
Great Kick Off to the Teachers Federal Credit Union Farmers Market this afternoon with Cindy Siera of Amityville Kitchen Co-OP anMr. Robert Allen, President and CEO of Teachers Federal Credit Union. Market will be held every Thursday from 11:30 am to 5:00 pm ending in November FACEBOOK June 19, 2014

Fairway Markets Grand Opening
Great Day at the Grand Opening of Fairway Markets. Was good to see the growth of business serving our community in the local area.

That 70s Band
Legislator Kennedy with singer Adrianna Torcivia and her family at the kickoff of the Summer Concert Series July 1, 2014

Smithtown Day
Legislator Kennedy with members of the Suffolk County Police Department on Smithtown Day June 1, 2014

The Marty Lyons Headquarters Opening
The Marty Lyons Foundation Open House at Commack National Headquarters. Pictured at from Left to Right: Kenny Schroy, Executive Committee Vice Chairman, The Marty Lyons Foundation and former NY Jets player; NYS Assemblyman Mike Fitzpatrick; Marty Lyons, Founder and Chairman of The Marty Lyons Foundation; NYS Senator John Flanagan and Suffolk County Legislator John M. Kennedy Jr.
Legislator Kennedy with Residents from the Nesconset Nursing Home at the Nesconset Free Concert Series.
Legislator Kennedy with Auxiliary Policeman at the Nesconset Free Concert.
Caption : Responders Remembered Park in Nesconset
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